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Descriptions Plant Extractor equipment status quo and development analysis

Plant Extractor Equipment Status

Baptist glistening cans of the mainstream of traditional Chinese medicine extracted equipment, multi-function extractor, dynamic extraction tank and heat reflux extraction and concentration units, such as several equipment structure, operation method is basically the same as with single tank of oil extraction equipment. Introduced in recent years, supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction process equipment is still not mature enough, and did not jump out of a single tank extraction mode design ideas. Here we make a brief review:

1. dip glistening cans

The typical Baptist glistening extraction equipment. Solvent added from the tank top, the extraction tank herbs discharged from the bottom. The advantage is that extract containing good quality, fewer impurities, the extraction rate; equipment is simple and easy to manufacture maintenance. The disadvantage is the slow extraction solvent usage, low production efficiency, energy consumption, mass production requires a large number of extraction tank, covers an area of ​​more than investment.

2. multi-function extraction tank

Using the most extraction equipment. Immersed in the solvent jacket steam heating herbs soak extraction. Sealed condensing system suitable for heating extraction recovery of volatile oils in herbs; using two or three wrong flow extraction process can improve the extraction yield. The disadvantage is that the tank diameter is too large, the solid material impede the heat transfer efficiency, the material is difficult to sufficiently Cook, the extraction efficiency decreases as a result of large-scale production requires a large amount of the extraction tank.

3. dynamic extraction tank (plus stirring strengthen extraction)

Added with stirring device multifunctional extraction tank. The advantage is medicinal powder can be suspended in a solvent with stirring, the heat transfer speed, the diffusion rate is too fast, so the extraction speed, the extraction rate is high. The disadvantage is that herbs is to be processed into a fine powder in a power consumption of a large. The scum extract separated by centrifuge or plate and frame filter machine, human, power consumption greater.

4. Soxhlet extraction and concentration unit

According to the principles of the Soxhlet extractor will put together a crew multifunctional extraction tank and concentrator. Multifunctional extraction tank emitted extract was filtered into the concentrator, the solvent was evaporated concentrated by condensation and then back to the multi-functional extractor, the entire process is a differential of multi-stage cross-flow extraction, as long as the time is sufficient, can achieve very The high extraction rate, the production efficiency and the extraction rate is superior to the front of the device. Multifunctional extraction tank problem, it is also inevitable.

5. other extraction process

Supercritical extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction in recent years, newly developed extraction process. The advantage of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction selectivity, high purity of the extract, is extracted from the solid material suitable for the chemical structure is known, the smaller molecular weight lipophilic substances. The disadvantage is that the high operating pressure, energy consumption and manufacturing cost is high, the device is magnified. Unfit extract component of unknown mixture and the solubility in carbon dioxide, a substance with small. Ultrasonically enhanced extraction can use the energy of the ultrasonic vibration to strengthen the diffusion process, the solvent is easy immersion solid The solid solute easy diffusion from within the solid to the solid-liquid interface, thus accelerating the extraction process. The disadvantage is limited by the ultrasonic power, large-scale production of a bad economy, high-power ultrasonic security has yet to be verified. Microwave extraction using microwave heating the solvent and herbs in the role of polar molecules, cell wall rupture, accelerated extraction purposes. The microwave extraction equally limited by the microwave power to enlarge the scale of production, there are some engineering problems.

The above process equipment are single tank, intermittent extraction equipment, the advantage is the production of the arrangements flexible, suitable for small quantities of many varieties of plant extracts, small-scale production, less investment. The drawback is that the overall low efficiency, high cost of production, large-scale production of higher investment. The newly developed extraction process in the enlarged technical problems.

Second, the development of novel extraction apparatus

With the development of the process of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, the variety and quantity of plant extracts will greatly increase the extraction equipment with large processing capacity, low production costs, less investment and a high degree of safety in the use of organic solvents, and the existing extraction equipment the process is difficult to meet the above requirements, the design of the traditional Chinese medicine based on the principle of vegetable oil continuous leaching continuous extraction equipment to meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production technology and security.

1. turn flat sequential extraction

Pan extraction is mainly composed of a rotary body (rotor), the false bottom (active screen), rail, the fluid collection grid is extracted, spray device, transmission devices and other components, the entire device is sealed by the housing.

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